Please select “PFIZER or MODERNA” if you are booking in for a BOOSTER dose.  Currently this is required FIVE months AFTER your second dose of whichever vaccine you have already received, PFIZER, MODERNA or ASTRAZENECA (VAXZEVRIA).  The pharmacist will discuss which vaccine is preferable for you as a booster at your appointment.

Children aged 5-11 years will be able to be vaccinated from mid January 2022.  Bookings open January 14th.

If you are booking in for your FIRST or SECOND dose, please select either MODERNA or ASTRAZENECA/VAXZEVRIA  Please note that currently ASTRAZENECA/VAXZEVRIA is only available in Australia via pharmacy for patients 60 years and over for the initial dose.

Severely immunocompromised individuals are recommended to receive a THIRD dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, TWO to SIX months after their SECOND dose. An mRNA COVID-19 vaccine (PFIZER or MODERNA) is preferred for this THIRD dose, but ASTRAZENECA/VAXZEVRIA is also acceptable in certain circumstances.  

Please read the Eligibility declaration form prior to attending your appointment at the pharmacy to ensure you are eligible for this service.

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