Our History

We are a locally owned and operated full-service pharmacy that has been in the community for more than a century!  From the late 1800's until today, Penguin Pharmacy has undergone numerous changes to better serve the community.  

We strive to provide personal health and well-being advice to meet your individual needs.  Through using our team's broad and varied expertise, we will provide you with the most current, evidence-based informed advice.

We stock a broad range of well-known, trusted brands and some you may not have heard of.  From our cosmetics to pain relief or from skincare to allergy medicine, our selection of products ensure that everyone in the family can be cared for at great prices.

Come and see us today!

Joseph O'Malley - Pharmacist / Owner

Our Team

Dispensary Technician

Brett is a Dispensary Technician who has been with us for over a decade.  He has a vast amount of experience and keeps everyone here on task.


Alex is also a product of the University of Tasmania, although somewhat more recently.  He is accredited to perform Home Medicines Reviews and enjoys fly-fishing in his spare time.



Pharmacist / Owner

Joe is a local product of the University of Tasmania.  He has a wealth of experience after over twenty years in pharmacy.


Retail Manager

As our Retail Manager Kenya, is constantly busy keeping the Pharmacy looking and feeling great. Kenya is the 2020 Tasmanian Pharmacy Assistant of the Year!  She is also a former state Dressage champion.


Our pharmacists are ready for you to contact us for all your healthcare needs.  Contact us today for all enquiries.

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